Headstart Piano - First Five Notes

Get your child started at the piano with the first 5 notes

Here are 2 lessons from Headstart Piano Online.

Your child will learn how to learn 5 notes on the bass staff using a little story to help them 'see' where the notes are.

Lesson 1:

Sea Story is the first lesson where notes F to C in the bass are introduced.

Lesson 2:

Bobbing on the Sea shows how to read these notes in a piece of written music and play them on the piano.

Your Instructor

Delwyn McKenzie
Delwyn McKenzie

I'm the business owner of Accent Music School which I run from our home here in NZ. I hold a music degree from the University of Canterbury, majoring in composition. My husband Robin and I have 3 adult children. For some of their school years they were home schooled and all of them had piano lessons with me from the outset. There was limited access to music tuition where we lived, so I taught them, following the example of my own mother. Having been taught by one of my own parents and going on to teaching my own children has given me a good understanding of what is involved in where to start when there is no other music teacher available. In over 30 years of music teaching I have taught classroom music, orchestral groups (often composing music for them), written a piano curriculum, and tutored many individuals on piano and stringed instruments. One of my greatest delights is to give beginners the best possible start on their musical journey and this is why I have produced my own curriculum - Headstart Piano.

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